Does transporting flowers in cars are so difficult?

Flowers are most admiring gift which is makes all the people filled with happiness and joy. But the only tough fact about gifting flowers is transporting them without having any damages to packages. Many can think it is an easy job to handle flowers and transport them but in real transporting flowers is quite risk.

In some cases people would take flowers bouquet filled with roses that too for wedding and when you transport them in car it may make entire floor mat of car wet. So when you try to transport flowers in car that may result with big trouble. On other case if you are planning to present flowers as gift to dinner party and transport them in cars then it would end with crushed bouquet flowers.

transporting flowers in cars

Tips to transport flowers in safe manner:

In order to avoid all such things to happen there are some tricks and tips for transporting flowers in car here are some of tips are listed below.

  • Trunk: If you need to transport bouquet flower in safe manner most of the people commonly keep them inside the trunk. But while doing so the chances of flower damages are high due to lack of oxygen.
  • People can use trunk only when there is not room temperature that is either the outdoor temperature is too hot or too cold. In those cases you can make use of trunk to make flowers get rid from wilt and freeze.
  • Dashboard: mostly people use this to keep flower bouquet but it is a bad idea people follow. When people keep flowers on dashboard then direct sunlight falls on the flower and make the flowers damage.

So it is better to use bucket filled with water where you can store two or more number of flower bouquets. While doing that also people need to ensure about water level in the bucket and place the flowers in upside down to make flowers last in car.

When you transport flowers in vase it is better choose floor or make some arrangements in the back seat by having some support. On other hand if you are travelling long and need to safe guard the flowers you can place them inside the box and make openings on the top of the box. This method would ensure flowers in vase would not get damaged and can be transported in car without losing its beauty.