Know about how to make broken glass art

Many people are desired to make unique and decorative things from broken glasses. They are willing to explore the best collection of the broken glass art projects on online and enhance their proficiency to excel in the broken glass artwork. They understand that they can turn broken remnants into the backyard splendor. They keep in mind that broken glass is sharp and handle such broken glass pieces with care. They can make use of the rubber coated gloves when picking up and cleaning up broken shards.

Everyone has different ideas about how to spend the free time and enhance the interior as well as exterior of their property. You may like to learn the art with broken glass pieces and make positive changes in your leisure time. You can directly focus on the basics involved in this project and use the professional guidelines to successfully make the glass art by safely using broken glass pieces.

broken glass art

Mosaic stepping stone

Mosaic stepping stone is one of the easiest broken glass art projects and recommended for beginners. If you wish to give your garden some electric charm, then you can dress up a boring plain stepping stone with the sun sparkling mosaic by using the broken glass pieces.

You have to spread the all-purpose epoxy thin layer and lay pieces in the best suitable design. Mix well together sanded tile grout when the glue is dry. Use a trowel to spread over the piece. Use a damp sponge and wipe away additional grout. Let the overall grout to dry and give another quick wipe by using a cloth. Now, lay it in the ground and make your garden decorative.

Ground-level bird bath

Birds do not need the high surface for enjoying the quick bath. You can make the ground-level pool and enjoy the naturalistic pool made of the leftover glass. Dig a shallow bowl-shaped hole in the ground and cover it with coarse sand and pat it down. Moisten it when it is dry and ensure that it sits as smooth as possible. Mix up 40 pounds concrete and wear a dust mask. Wear gloves and pile this concrete into the hole. Complete it with gently pressing the broken glass bits.

Personalized planters

A terracotta pot is used for this broken glass art project. You can use the mortar rather than epoxy as the planter is ceramic. You can use this smart method to decorate your patio border, tree stump and any area which can be enhanced with a little pop of color.