Cold vs hot air for hair

This is a tough question since the answer is yes and no. Everything depends on use, and inappropriate or reckless use can cause your hair problems. Let us then look at cold vs hot air for hairpin a little more detail.

Most of us use blow dryers or hair dryers as they are called, rather than drying our hair in a certain way. The problem is that we want to use the hair dryer for longer than prescribed.

In addition, the hot and cold blow feature is similar to how we turn TV channels with the distance. Many experts suggest how to use the hot feature to shape your skin and then blow cold air to “set it” instantly. Many of us prefer this way to use gels or creams because the hair looks a lot smoother.

blow hair dryerThe problem with the long-term usage of the hair dryer is that hot air appears to break the cuticle of the hair. This causes the hair to become gross and lose its light. Furthermore, if you guide hot air to your scalp directly, the scalp will get really warm. The problem is that heat appears to open hair follicles. Moreover, the hair continues to grow in static electricity when you use the hair dryer. The hair sticks to the brush when you brush your hair immediately after or during the process, and a gentle tug is sufficient to get it out of the skull. You should also know about disadvantages of blowing hot air for hair.

If you can use your hair dryer to dry your hair, there is very little to be afraid of. Even if you want to put your hair in the dryer, it is best to dry it as dry as possible and then use the dryer to achieve the desired effect quickly.

Another convenient way to do it in the lowest sun. This will increase the drying time by about a minute, but it will also increase your hair’s life by a lot more.

Many manufacturers say that their devices are almost magical to minimize hair loss, but it is safer to use a pinch of salt to deal with these claims. Experience indicates that the easiest way to care for your hair is to use the dryer for as short a period as possible and at the lowest heat. Even ionizing hair dryers operate only if they are used for a reasonable time. If you use it for too long, you will lose the hair that has earned moisture again.